what is the average weight for a 12 year old

What is the average weight for a 12 year old children


What is the average weight for a 12 year old children

As kids are growing day by day but their weight is increasing in an “abnormal” way because of some reason, do you know about it?

What is the normal growth of a 12 year old?

As we all want to have a normal growth, not growing too much or not growing at all is not our preferences. Then a question comes to our mind that “what is the average weight for 12 year old children”.  So what does normal growth stands for, simply saying it is the appropriate growth of a person according to his weight, height & age. Suppose, a 12 year old boy weighs 68 kg & have a height of 5’2’’ then it’s not at all a normal growth. BMI which stands for Body Mass Index for that boy will show that this boy is obese. If a, 12 year old boy of height 5’2” has a weight of 48 kg then this is normal & this shows that the boy is having a normal growth. So height & weight should be balanced according to the age which suggests, that the kid is having a normal growth.

What is abnormal growth of a 12 year old?

We never want our children of having abnormal growth because this can lead to health-related problems. Abnormal growth tends to those who are having weight & height which is not according to their age. Suppose an 18 year old boy of 6 ft height, weighs 70 kg then it’s normal but if a 12 year old boy has 6 ft height & weighs 70 kg then it’s not at all normal. Such abnormalities can be due to hormonal reactions or because of any genetic traits & increase in weight is completely because of bad eating habits. Beside height & weight, there can be other abnormality too where some body parts can grow abnormally, these sorts of abnormalities are completely genetic & can be changed if once happened.


Food habits

The most prominent reason for having abnormal growth especially in the growth of weight is having bad food habits. Most children love to eat junk food which has a lot of oil in it, the oil of the food get deposited in their body as fat & it becomes very tough for them to decompose it. So, first of all, it is necessary to teach them about good food habits including vegetables, fruits, egg, milk, fish & etc. This food will not only provide them good food habits but will also make them fit & improve their health including their gut which also helps them not falling ill very soon.

Consequences of weight on 12 year old children’s body

Gaining of weight always tends to many problems & especially when you gain weight at an early age of 12. The age of 12 is the time of adolescence where you get to see many changes in your body part & you start growing at a fast rate. If you are gaining weight at that time then it can lead to delay or fasten your adolescence which is not at all a good thing & many problems too you have to face. The biggest problem will be your digestion & if your digestive system gets weaken then chances of getting ill also becomes high. So, growing children should prevent themselves from getting chubby.

Ways of reducing weight for a 12 year old children

Though there are a lot of ways to decrease the weight of a person when it comes to children then you have to get a bit aware as all the weight losing techniques are not suitable for children. What is the average weight for 12 year old children? Have you thought of it, well it completely depends upon the height but in an average it’ 48 kg? So if you are having a weight more than that then you have to lose some. The easiest way to decrease their weight is to leave eating junk food & start eating fruits & vegetables then go to play in the ground to get some physical fitness which will also lead to better digestion. 

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