How to get abs in a week

How to get abs in one week


How to get abs in a week

Getting abs were never that easy but still everyone wants to have 6 pack abs, but do you know how to get them in a week.

What are abs in actual?

We all are fond of getting abs & many of them desperately work hard to get them as soon as possible because everyone wants a nice figure which attracts girls toward them. But have you ever thought of what the abs are actually? Each and every person or you can say human being have 8 pack abs, now you might be thinking that if everyone has 8 pack abs then why we can’t see that. The reason is that the maximum of them have covered their abs with “fat”. So when we go to the gym, where we burn the fat so that we can make our abs visible. Abs are the packed muscles in our belly which are there for the protection of our vital organs like stomach, pancreas, liver, intestines & many more. Abs not only gives us a perfect figure but also protect us from all dangers.

How to get abs in one week

If you have completely decided to know that “how to get abs in a week” then let’s go for it. Getting abs in a week is very easy to say & very tough to do. It not only needs muscle power but it also needs willpower & complete dedication. You have to make a perfect timetable & you have to follow it with your full energy. You have to follow a strict diet to complement your exercise & one of the most important things is that you have to be very “discipline”. If you are not disciplined then you can’t follow your chart & hence you will disturb your own plan which will result in a complete failure.

Diet is also necessary for getting abs

So with dedication, you need the discipline to get abs in a week moreover you also have to follow a strict diet plan which has enough amount of protein, carbohydrate & essential minerals. You have to minimize the amount of intake of fats, salts & sugars. You have to stop eating pizza, burger & other junk food. Though it seems very tough many of them have done it in a week so why you can’t, getting abs is one of the toughest things to do & the exercises which you have to do to get abs is also very tough to do but not impossible.

Exercises to do for abs

Though there are tons of exercises to do for your abs training but doing all of them in just a week is not going to be possible, so there are some specific exercises which are must to do. These exercises are very tough to do & these after tasting these bitter exercises only you can get the sweet taste of your abs. So now let’s take a look at those exercises which is must to do for getting the abs in a week. The first & for most one which directly works on our abs is “crunches”, there are many types of crunches & you have to do all of them for a better result. Crunches work on our abs muscles & packs it more tightly which makes our abs rock solid, if you are willing to get abs in a week then crunches is the must do exercise & you have to do all types of crunches for getting a better & fast result. While doing crunches you also have to build your upper body strength & for getting so you have to do “pull-ups”, at least 50 in a day because with abs your upper body should also have a good build or else you will not get that perfect body.

Can we get abs in a week at home?

  It is not always necessary that you have to go to a gym to get abs but you can also do the same thing at home. As not the exercise matters but the dedication willpower, diet & the amount of exercise you are doing matters. First of all, you have to make a perfect plan that is a timetable in such a way that you follow the timetable for each & every day for the whole week & your timetable will be your base to make your abs. Then you have to make a strict diet plan so that you don’t compromise with your health as with exercise being one pillar to get abs, your diet is the second pilgrim in making abs. When you will be doing those tough exercises then at least for once you will get fad up, so willpower will be the third pilgrim for getting abs & at last the fourth pilgrim is dedication & discipline & all of these together will make you get abs in a week at your home. Now you might get complete information of “how to get abs in a week” then just go for it.

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