how much protein in an avocado

how much protein in an avocado


Avocados are a rich source of fruit protein which is one of the rarest things that can be found in fruits, next to fat which is another rare thing to find in fruits too. Well, you don’t need the fact that much from fruits since consuming in more amounts will give a large amount of fat in a safe way. Avocados are incredible fruits with a great taste and way better beneficial for a good body and health as these have incredible amounts of minerals, vitamins, good carbohydrates, a small amount of fat along with protein. But how much? How much protein in an avocado?


Avocado is one of the best protein sources out there among fruits!

Avocado is a great fruit. It is used for making various sorts of fruit drinks, ice-creams with incredible flavors, shakes and lot with all the health benefits of it in those too. Concerning good content, it has one way better carbohydrates with a low amount of simple sugars (like glucose) which can be found in plenty in other fruits (grapes being the boss of sugar infused fruits). You can easily substitute other fruits with an avocado as it can serve as a single-handed replacement for a lot of fruits, leaving behind all the simple sugars, which will add to your belly fat(in case you are too much concerned about it).


So, how much protein in an avocado?

This highly depends on the type and breed of avocado and mostly from where it is grown. The amount of protein in an avocado highly depends on the growth origin as the processing and the nourishment of the avocado plants measures the amount of the protein in it. Most fruits experts say that the better it is, the more round shaped and bigger sized it will be. This also means that bigger sized avocados might be high on the flesh part too along with protein. Florida avocados have an incredible size which is more than double the size and weight of the more popular California avocados which means that they are much high on protein.

To be clear, overall all avocados have a good amount of protein ranging from 1-2 grams, 6 grams being the maximum amount. But there are some places in the world like California, Florida, which are actually the greatest place where avocados can grow really well and confined. It also means and proves that these fruits grown on such place can and will be high in protein. Since they are. So much protein in an avocado? It depends.


Let us calculate how much protein is in an avocado.

Typical avocados have a graded amount of 1-2 grams. This is the minimum amount of protein you will be able to find in any avocado grown on any place in the world. As it is not actually calculated on an average basis but is highly region dependent. Let us now move to the best places in the world where the best of the avocados grow actually. California has incredible exports of avocados which are experienced all over the world, as their ones have more protein than an average avocado, which is around 2-2.2g. This is really a good amount.

But the best place in Florida which has an average avocado giving out around 6-7 grams of protein which is incredible. The reason why avocados are grown well in Florida is their incredible climate which stays and blends with the fruit growth time and makes it the best in the world. So, how much protein in an avocado? You know it.


Can avocado be declared an actual protein source?

Well, the best of the avocados have an incredible amount of protein. That too is a fruit too. Most non-fruit food items don’t have 6 g of protein at all. Now considering how you will eat it matters, as other fruits are concerned it doesn’t have that much of the simple sugars which might keep you running, but not for long. People who take gym seriously might not suggest it as a protein source at all, as there are better sources of protein which has 2-3 times better protein amount. But to be frank, you might not take it as your only protein source but you can actually add it to your diet. It won’t do that much of the harm since it has nothing that bad. Plus, along with 6 grams of protein you can eliminate some not so tasty foods which you have to take to get the protein only (like fiber oats, which taste like nothing when consumed raw with milk or water). Also, you can make your protein shakes (please don’t use more than a small spoon of whey) along with an avocado which will make it more tasty and better. And YES, you might not be able to make it a proteins source, but you can surely include it in the diet.



Avocados have a great amount of protein since fruits have only a small minute amount, that too only 6-7 fruits out of the 100. This makes avocadoes really good and great too for consuming in good amounts (but not in excess) which might contribute to your good health and a better muscle mass. As this is highly important for a good buildup from a  small age. Avocados will also do great for children. So, how much protein in an avocado? On an average, 7 grams.

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