how much is a clove of garlic

how much is a clove of garlic?


Garlic is wonders of Indian food as they can be used simply without using too much of spice during cooking. And that raises the tasty scent exponentially. Cloves of Garlic are widely used for curing various health diseases, infections, some kind of rashes and lot. This little bulb has incredible benefits found in nature sized similarly to onions and beet. Garlic has a unique structure with no leaves like other bulbs, but it has small equivalent sized cloves which are arranged around the bulb. Each of these is connected to the main bulb at the bottom of the root section. Since it has so many cloves, how much is a clove of garlic?

Garlic that found in nature has different sort of breeds which are ultimately determined by the type of cultivation done to grow them out. Some garlic if grown inefficiently grows to be small and the individual cloves are much smaller. Whereas grown on a proper area with perfect soil and better nourishment is given, the cloves come out much bigger. To be simple, the clove size determines the quality of a garlic. The quality can be determined by analyzing the skin of the cloves, if they are well made, then it is of a very good quality. And to be clear, each garlic has a maximum of 8-16 cloves per garlic, depending on the quality. The best quality garlic has the biggest and lowest number of cloves. So, how much is a clove of garlic? You know it.

Benefits of garlic

Garlic has tons of benefits that can be stated as follows;

  1. It is highly effective in case of infections that are both short term and long term occurring due to seasonal changes or even due to the accumulation of germs. Most infections do go away easily with simple antibiotics but some are really stubborn. In such a case, garlic juice can be used by grating the cloves and separating the fluid. It rich in antioxidants, sulfur compounds, antibacterial agents, anti-fungal agents and lot more. Use of certain medicines for curing infections are not always advised since they can really affect the immune system if proper medication is not followed along with a preferred diet. To avoid such problems, garlic is widely used instead. Simple solution!


  1. Garlic has sufficient minerals and vitamins.

Well, it is not that of a good source of all the minerals and won’t act as a substitute for your tablets and supplements. But for the price, an equivalent amount of garlic will only cost you one-fifth of the price for an average supplement. Sounds too much cheap. Yes, a single raw garlic benefits are huge and have sufficient amounts of daily minerals(Iron, Copper, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, and of course Sulphur well) which are required daily in very small but recommended amounts. Also, it has Vit B6, Vit C which is needed daily. And eating 2-3 big garlic cloves won’t affect your mouth odor at all, so this is a very efficient option for making your health better in a cheap way.


  1. Works for lowering the BP

Garlic consumption on a regular basis even on a small amount can be highly beneficial for your blood pressure which is much of a common problem nowadays. And garlic actually helps a lot. Way better than medicines tend to bring it down on a small scale, side effects are always included. But going with the natural way won’t affect you at all. Plus, it has added health benefits in other ways, like lowering down your BP will also lower your risk of heart diseases and the initial fat build up in your blood vessels. It actually removes the cholesterol to a good amount from the body.  Thus this is one of the highly important benefits of garlic.


  1. Garlic will aid you in immunity

One solid benefit of eating garlic regularly is that it will help you to get better with your immunity on a large scale just like ginger does. But with less of the irritations and high burning taste. Garlic contains a lot of immune boosting compounds that help in keeping your gut bacteria intact and helps them maintain their nature. This indirectly aids digestion, which in turn will help to develop your body better and in a more healthy way.


  1. Garlic has benefits for bone

This might sound a bit of weird, but garlic has benefits for your bones and maintain the number of RBCs that ooze out. A single clove has a small amount of calcium and phosphorus, which adds to the total mineral addition in your diet including milk and rice(which has high amounts of calcium and phosphorus). Also along with its good concentration of other minerals(that are necessary too), it aids the growth of bone which also maintains, the bone marrow and keeps it intact. This, in turn, maintains the development of the RBCs in your blood and keeps you healthy.

So, garlic is pretty much of a spice gem which can be used on a variety of eatables and highly for health maintenance. It might be obvious that a clove of a mini bulb can do lots and lots of goods better than medicines ever did. A single garlic costs so low and each of its cloves can do wonders. So, how much is a clove of a garlic? Too much.

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