how many weeks in a year

how many weeks in a year


Days. Weeks. Months. Years. Ever wondered how many of these hold up an in a single year. Yes, there is just a single year. Twelve of the months. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Who doesn’t know that? But what about weeks? It is sometimes 53 a year, 52 for some years. And the value goes somewhere else when it’s a leap year. No praise on remembering the number of weeks a year has. Well, it’s a variable number, so who cares. But we do. We are actually going to find out how many weeks in a year.

Let’s get started.

As you know about weeks, days, months, years, it is better we start with them.

Days and weeks.

Days is what measured out as a full time of 24 hours (keeping aside the complexities of minutes and seconds).

 Else it actually counts up to 23 full hours, 53 full minutes and just 4 seconds. There is goes with the complexities.

 That is the maximum value averaged out by repetitive summations. And seven of these days makes out a week.

 A week normally consists of the seven different days, namely Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

 These are the five conventional full working days that are accepted all over the world.

And a semi-holiday which is the Sixth day or Saturday. And a universal holiday which is the Seventh day or Sunday.

 Five working days and one semi-holiday and a full holiday, that gives us a week. Simple enough.

The months and years.

Twenty-four hours make up a day and seven days make up a week. Well, following that, Four of full weeks make up a month along with either 43% or 57% of the days of the week.

 This is rather an approximation of the total days, in terms of days, there are either 30 days in a month or 31 or even 28, 29 days.

All the months are of 30.5 days average, except for February which has 28 days on normal and 29 days on a leap year. That’s typical too.

On the year side, a total of 365 days make a year. To be more exact, 365 full days and 6 hours make a year.

The counting of the extra 6 hours is done via 4 times, which then adds up as a day for February.

 And the specific year on which this happens is termed to be the LEAP year or the year with one extra day.

 And the total number of days sums up to 366.

That was quite something about the terms for time, specifically for the year.

Now for us to calculate the number of weeks in a year, there is something we first have to assume.

 In order to find the exact number of weeks, we will take down values of the months, years, days in a different way.

The values of these will be assumed to be averaged out on total, using very large numbers. So the average comes out near to the actual number.

And we will have a stable outcome value.

For weeks, there are 3-4 full weeks in a month. We will first add that up and find out the number of weeks using the average.

For years we will use another method of big sum average. That is taking summation of more number of years and then taking the average.

We will also use days.

Finally, we will take a final average of all the values to get the actual value which will be stable for any year.

So, how many weeks in a year? We are about to find out. 

We can use solely one of the time criteria to get the number of weeks easily. We will use three normal years and a leap year in our calculations.

Let us first go with days.

We get 365 full days in a year. This is a stable value. In a leap year, the total number of days is 366. And it comes once in four times.

So, we take a total of 3 times 365 and 1 time 366. It sums up to 1461 days. So, 7 days make a week. And 1461 days will make around 208.7 weeks.

 Dividing that by 4, we get 52.2 weeks.

Then let’s use the months.

Months have variable days especially on leap years. So, we will take the months with similar days aside for the four years at a stretch.

 So, there are 7 months with 31 days. So, 7 times 31 times 4 years is 868 days. Then there are 4 months of 30 days each.

 So 4 times 30 times 4 years is 480 days.

 And left out is a February. It has 28 days for 3 years and 29 days for a leap year.

 So 28 times 3 years plus a single 29 sums up to 113 days. Taking the total, it gives us 1461.

 Again dividing that by 7 days for the week we have 208.7. And dividing that by 4(years), we again get 52.2 weeks. Similar value again.

Then let us use the full week technique.

There are 12 months in a year. Each has 30.5 days an average. Out of that, every month has 3 full weeks.

So, 12 times 3 times 7 gives us 252. This is the exact value giving us 36 weeks.

 Remaining we have 365.25-252 equals to 113.25 days.

And dividing that by 7 days a week, we get 16.2. And then after adding this averaged out week value with the absolute value 36, we get 52.2 weeks again.


This gives how averaging out the value of the years by taking bigger sums provides better stable values.

 And we got exactly 52.2 weeks every time we did the calculation through different methods. This proves better accuracy.

So, how many weeks in a year? Its 52.2 weeks.

Now you know it.

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