how many steps in a mile

how many steps in a mile


What are steps?

Steps are nothing, but your ideal of walking which can also be used as a distance unit (even displacement). Well, this is not a conventional metric unit, as it does not have application in studies.

We do have a lot of units that are more accurate and both smaller and bigger than steps. But steps are used a common unit for burning calories.

As you can always use math for finding out the number of calories you have burnt with the number of steps you have taken.

 Using calculus gives you a more accurate answer. Most fitness sensors and calorie counters use steps and then use it to give you a value of the total calories you have burnt.

 Don’t worry, it is always less than what you have actually burnt.

What is a mile?

Mile is a conventional measuring unit (more useful in the US and nearby countries) for measuring distances, displacements, even acceleration and velocity (mile/hour).

 It is near to around 1.6KM or exactly 1.60934 KM, which is around 1.6 times that of a standard kilometre. In terms of yards, 1760 of yards makes up a mile.

 Most countries prefer using mile as a unit of measurement as it is smaller, takes up more distance in terms of space, the bit more convenient than KM.

 Although the smaller unit used is metres, the conversion can be done very easily between the units.

For getting the relation, we will use a more convenient and common smaller unit, like a metre for finding the relation between steps and miles. So, how many steps in a mile? We will find out right away.

Steps and metres

When it comes to steps, it depends on the person. And it varies from person to person. This is for a reason, as nobody takes the same exact kind of step.

There is a different kind of steps like small steps, long steps, medium steps, steep steps. A small step is around 60-65 cm.

 A long step can be around 100 cm which is quite long, and big. Now everybody does not take all of the same steps at the same time.

This is also because you are always not in a hurry. People when in hurry, take longer steps to reach their destination faster. This also changes the calorie burn rate in a proportional way.

 But when in the normal state, they tend to take smaller steps, which accounts for more smaller sized steps. This also affects the calorie burn, but this is now what is actually concerned.

 We have to find out the exact number of steps required in a mile. Now, since we have two steps distances in measurement, we will take an average which will give us a single value.

And it will much simpler for our relation. We have the bigger length as 100cm (directly 1 metre) and the smaller distance as 60-65cm.

again here we have two values. Since this is the smaller distance, we take the smaller value of the two, which is 60. Therefore the average will be half of (60+100) or 30+50 which is equal to 80.

This is the average distance length of a step(considering all the smaller and longers distances).

Miles and metres

Now, this is simple. Miles is conventional unit and also a US unit, so we can easily convert it to metres. Since one mile is exactly equal to 1.60934 Km.

 Therefore in terms of metres, we just have to multiply it by a factor of 1000. And 1.60934 multiplied by 1000 gives us 1609.34 metres.

 Or simply 1609 metres (the smaller fraction can be ignored during conversion of smaller distances).

Miles and steps.

Since we know that one step is on average equal to 80cm. In metres, it will be equal to 0.80 metre (when divided by a factor of 100, as 1 metre is equal to 100 cm).

And 1 mile is now equal to 1609 metres. Therefore 1 mile is equivalent to steps will be equal to 1609/0.80 or 2011.25 steps. If we exclude the fractional part, then it is equal to 2011 steps.

And there we have our ideal answer.

So, how many steps in a mile? Roughly 2011 steps.

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