how many states in USA

How many states in USA


The USA is one hell of a big country taking around 510 million square kilometers of total Surface Area of the earth surface. Or that is around 25.25% of the total land area. Quite big enough, but it has two continents to itself, North America on the upper side of the equator and South America below the equator. These are one of the biggest countries, but not with such dense population (as they know how to control it well). But that gives us a rising question? How many states would fit in such a hell of an area? Or How many states in the USA?

The answer is quite simple and we won’t be doing any calculation for that (no one does exactly). As this is already known. But the main problem is the USA has a variable number of states, which is either 50 or 52. The universally accepted number is 50, but then why 52 just pops up? We will look into that too.

For a country that takes up two whole continents like anything, the number of states should be greater than in any country. IN fact, it is one of those countries with an incredible number of states. Wait for what? One of those? What does it mean? How come such a big area does not have too many of the states.

It might have but Russia and Australia have taken it below. These two countries have the most number of states with Russia being the highest with an incredible number of 83, 61.5% more than what the USA actually has. More than half exactly. But Russia is one of the biggest countries, so the number is valid. Also, the states have a small total surface area too, that proves the point again. But the USA has 50 states, that’s kind of now true.

Fifty of states does sound big. Not for Russia but for other countries.

And what states are those? Lets have a brief look ;

  1.          Alabama with capital Montgomery
    1. Alaska with capital Juneau
    2. Arizona with capital Phoenix
    3. Arkansas with capital Little Rock
    4. California with capital Sacramento
    5. Colorado with capital Denver
    6. Connecticut with capital Hartford
    7. Delaware with capital Dover
    8. Florida with capital Tallahassee
    9. Georgia with capital Atlanta
    10. Hawaii with capital Honolulu
    11. Idaho with capital Boise
    12. Illinois with capital Springfield
    13. Indiana with capital Indianapolis
    14. Iowa with capital Des Moines
    15. Kansas with capital Topeka
    16. Kentucky with capital Frankfort
    17. Louisiana with capital Baton Rouge
    18. Maine with capital Augusta
    19. Maryland with capital Annapolis
    20. Massachusetts with capital Boston
    21. Michigan with capital Lansing
    22. Minnesota with capital St. Paul
    23. Mississippi with capital Jackson
    24. Missouri with capital Jefferson City
    25. Montana with capital Helena
    26. Nebraska with capital Lincoln
    27. Nevada with capital Carson City
    28. New Hampshire with capital Concord
    29. New Jersey with capital Trenton
    30. New Mexico with capital Santa Fe
    31. New York with capital Albany
    32. North Carolina with capital Raleigh
    33. North Dakota with capital Bismarck
    34. Ohio with capital Columbus
    35. Oklahoma with capital Oklahoma City
    36. Oregon with capital Salem
    37. Pennsylvania with capital Harrisburg
    38. Rhode Island with capital Providence
    39. South Carolina with capital Columbia
    40. South Dakota with capital Pierre
    41. Tennessee with capital Nashville
    42. Texas with capital Austin
    43. Utah with capital Salt Lake City
    44. Vermont with capital Montpelier
    45. Virginia with capital Richmond
    46. Washington with capital Olympia
    47. West Virginia with capital Charleston
    48. Wisconsin with capital Madison
    49. Wyoming with capital Cheyenne

There go all of the 50 states of the USA along with particular capitals. These are official states. If you not familiar with the USA country flag, it has the same exact numbered 50 white stars in the blue area aside from the red and the white strips. These 50 stars represent the 50 states, which has remained there for a long time. The stripes, if you want to know, acknowledge the 13 colonies that declared independence from Great Britain. These were the first states of USA, along with nicknames for the flag too.

So, how many states in the USA?  You know it, it’s 50. This is the exact number and the true number.

That’s even depicted in the country flag too.

If you want to know more about the USA and its states, here it goes. The 50 number of states is the exact number but some misconfused it with 52, as Alaska and Hawaii weren’t declared as states in early 1959 completely. They, in fact, forgot to remove it from the stars,  but in fact, after being crowned as official states the number still remains 50. Good enough.

The USA aside from states has actual control over some territories and these are around 14 in number. Only five of those have stable people numbers that go by names, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands, and Guam. The other Nine are Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway Atoll, Navassa Island, Palmyra Atoll, Wake Island. Most of the islands lie on the body of the Pacific Ocean.  Although quite for a population, only four of these fourteen have an organic act. The territory of the Palmyra Atoll is only one of the territories, which is given similar treatment and rights like of its, as the USA constitution is applied fully here only.

Washington DC is a very common name for most of us as we have heard of it many times in movies and books. This is the capital of America. But it is neither a state nor a country(of course not) and not even a territory. It’s just a simple district of America.

Well, now you do know about the total number of states in the USA and that is not complete. The USA still has 14 territories and a few districts including Washington DC which is not a state or a territory.

So, how many states in the USA? It’s 50.

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