How many people live in the US

How many people live in the US?


How many people live in the US?

Counting of populations for the whole world is rather a science of accurate approximation and probabilistic statistics. It is not either of a just come random counting technique neither actual number of peoples are counted physically. Rather, the clock is the US Census Bureau’s estimate of the world population size and an indication of how fast it is growing. Every second a new person is calculated to United States of America’s population. But, do you know “How many people live in the US”.

According to the United States Census Bureau’s, the current population of United States of America is around 327.5 million as of December, 2018.  At every second people die and give birth at a constant rate, the population of the United States is always in fluctuation. That accounts for about 4.28% of the total world’s population. The US is another great densely populated country in the world and it is just after china and India, taking the place of third. China has around 1.41 billion in population & India has around 1.36 billion of population.

Between 21st century and beyond, the rate of change of population in US was quite dim, it was not even a percent of the whole population. Straight eight years ago, US was just in reaching the 300 million mark, which indicated that out of the average mean, it was just a 3% increase during the years. Quite good for a country. It is expected to reach 333.5 million in 2020.

US has high land area, measuring in around 9 million square kilometres spread around the country. But to the math, it has only 35 people per square km. This is really low for a country with dense population. Also, majority of the mean population lives in the urban centre areas. It is estimated to be around roughly 80% of the people who chose the urban area.

  • The current population of the United States of America is 327,785,346 as of December 2018, based on the latest United Nations estimates.
  • The population of United States is equivalent to 4.28% of the total world population.
  • The U.S.A. position at number 3 in the list of countries by population.
  • The population density in the United States is 36 per square kilometers (93 people per mi2).
  • The total land area is 9,147,420 Km2 (3,531,837 sq. miles)
  • 83.7 % of the population is urban (273,368,693 people in 2018)
  • The median age in the United States is 37.8 years.

How many people live in the US? | Where does the Majority of the Population Live? | Where does the number of people live in the US?

The majority of people live in United States:

  • 37.7 % of Americans live in the South,
  • 23.6 % live in the West,
  • 21.3 % live in the Midwest and
  • 17.4 %live in the northeast as per Annual Population Estimates 2017.

In the country, there are lots of dense states. The most being the lovely city of California with around 39 million inhabitants. The second in place being Texas with 28 million and the third place is hold off by Florida with around 20 million people. Looks like around 30% of the whole US population is in this three states. Although these might have the most number of persons per area, they actually don’t. The most inhabited place in US is Columbia, which is around eleven thousand people per square mile. And that is hell of a dense area to live with. Also, the place called Rhode island has around 1 million density people has a mean density of thousand people living in a square mile.

Population According to Age and Origin

The population has a median age of 38.1 years. Females slightly outnumber males, at 50.8 percent, of the population. 22.8 % were below 18 years and 15.2 percent were aged 65 and above.

Around 1 million people enter US to get settled their permanently, or else end with a citizenship to the country. More than that, only 37 million people are legal people staying in US with legal proof. As, the country only holds 43 million people who are actually born on this soil. That counts too.  Of these, 20.7 million are naturalized U.S. citizens and 22.6 million are non-citizens. The people who are not actual citizens, the temporary visa holders including people are around 1.7 million. The permanent citizen ship holders are around 13 million to be exact. And the others are non legal immigrants.

If you are looking at the population in terms of increase, one child is born in the country every 8 seconds but there is one death in every 11 seconds. As after every half a minute, a foreigner appears and gets settled in US.  For real. Therefore, the population gain of one person in total after every 14 seconds.

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