How many mg of caffeine in coffee

How many mg of caffeine in coffee


A single shot of coffee boosts up our whole day as it has a good amount of “caffeine”, but how much caffeine is too much

Once upon a time……..

Have you ever thought of how coffee was made, might not be but there is a very interesting story behind it? It is not clear in ancient documents that “who first discovered coffee” but few proofs suggest that it was discovered in “Africa” thousand years back & at that time people use to eat the fruit of coffee & they used to throw the seed. The story behind the discovery is that; once mistakenly few seeds of coffee fall into fire, after few seconds they smell an aroma coming out of the fire & they realized that this seed has a good fragrance & they somebody might have put them into boiling water & the taste might have blown their mind & they started drinking it as “coffee”.  Still, the African countries are the best producers of coffee, especially “Ghana”. So this story might be real or might not be as nobody has a clear proof about the discovery of coffee.

How much caffeine does a shot of coffee have?

As we all are really fond of coffee & we need it in our everyday life. Many of them are there who can’t even think of starting their day without having a cup of coffee. So the question comes then, what is there inside coffee which gives a kick-start to our brain? Well, the thing is “caffeine”, which is a sort of “neuron-transmitting” enhancer, which increases the passage of information from one neuron to another one very fast which makes us feel fresh & ready to start the day. As these days we are just running after time so it’s very necessary to start our day as quick as we can.  Actually what happens is that when we wake up from sleep then also we tend to sleep as our brain hasn’t activated yet. So when we have a shot of coffee, it just went through our body & enhances our hormone to get activated which further activates our brain & we get a boost up. So the question comes than “how many mg of caffeine in coffee”, well according to the stats in 100 gm of coffee we get 40 gm of caffeine, which is pretty much as 40% of coffee is caffeine.

How much caffeine is too much
As we all know that everything has its own limits, so as caffeine does. A regular cup of coffee is about 8 oz which consists of 93 gm of caffeine. The amount of caffeine that can be consumed by a normal adult in a day is about 400 gm which is about 4 cups of coffee, 2 energy drinks & 10 cans of coca-cola. Now, this limit should be minded because increasing the amount of caffeine can seriously harm you as it directly hits your mind. So you should be careful about the intake of caffeine in a day.

Is there any precursor of coffee?

If you still want to have coffee as you can be fond of it then you should try decaffeinated coffee which is called as decaf coffee as in a regular 8 oz shot of decaf coffee you will get 3 gm of caffeine which is about 31% less than our normal coffee. That means if you like to drink more than 4 cups of coffee in a day then you should definitely go with it because if you look at the caffeine margin then you can drink almost 133 cups of decaf coffee which is not possible by anyone. But the kick you get in coffee, you will not get that in decaf coffee because that kick was only because of caffeine & decaf coffee lacks caffeine.

Which has more caffeine, coffee or espresso?

If we talk about caffeine content then coffee has more caffeine content then espresso but still, people find espresso tastier then coffee. Any day by day the popularity of espresso is increasing & people liking it more than coffee but coffee still holds the top position in the most consumed caffeine product. If we talk about the stats in the amount of caffeine in coffee & espresso then coffee has 93 gm of caffeine in 100 gm & espresso have 63 gm of caffeine in 100 gm. Making coffee with more caffeine content & more liked by people as their morning booster. As we know that many people have queries about caffeine that does the high content of caffeine affect our body? It’s yes, they definitely harm you when you take them in a higher amount. You can also get addicted to it, which is not at all a good thing. So you might have got the answer to “how many mg of caffeine in coffee” & you should take care of your caffeine intake.

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