how many grams of protein in a chicken breast

How many grams of protein in a chicken breast


How many grams of protein in a chicken breast

We all are fond of “chicken”, every dish of chicken is heaven for all nonvegetarians but how much protein & calories does it have.

What’s all about protein & calories?

Every day our body requires a prominent amount of carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins & proteins & all together is count as “calories”. If we take any of those essentials in less or high amount then it will dis-balance our diet & we will get its direct impact on our health. This will gradually dis-balance our calorie intake & will spoil our health, so to stay fit in our daily life, we need to take all of those essential in a correct amount & we should make sure that it shouldn’t exceed from its limit. Among them protein is the most important vital nutrient because it regulates our muscles, most of us are gym freaks & we want a muscular body for which we have to take a good amount of protein each day. Although we have many protein powders & other supplements still the protein we get from natural source proves to be best than those supplements. As these days we always remain in a hurry so we do need a good amount of protein each day so that we get the energy to work the whole day without getting tired. Protein is also loved by all sportspersons because fitness is everything in sports & near about all the sports requires a lot of energy & stamina so that they can give their best.

How many grams of protein in a chicken breast

As said earlier that natural things always proves to be the best over supplements. So as we talk about protein, there are many food items out there which are rich in protein content but meal wise chicken is found to be the best among them, in chicken the maximum amount of protein is found in the breast part which is loved by sportspersons & bodybuilders because in natural food items it has the maximum protein content. So now the question arises that “how many grams of protein in a chicken breast”. In 100 gm breast piece of chicken, we get 31 gm of protein which is a huge amount. According to the stats an average adult body requires 56 gm of protein in a say, so if you are having 100 gm of chicken then you full-fill 50% of protein requirement in a day. This also suggests that you shouldn’t have more than 200 gm of chicken a day & you can have 200 gm of chicken a day if the chicken is the only source of protein in your whole day. If you are having anything else besides chicken for protein then it can turn into poison for you which will lead further to death. So we should maintain a diet for each day & we should not exceed it unless you want to fall ill or die.

The nutritional value of chicken

There are many food items out there which are rich in protein content like nuts, butter, cheese, mutton, beef, liver, lamb, banana, spinach & many others. But then also chicken proves to be the best among them because it has the least count of cholesterol & other bad fats. This is also rich in protein than all the vegetables & fruits. In a regular serving of chicken which is of about 100 gm, you will get 165 calories which are 8% of our daily calorie requirement. So before eating you have to make sure that you keep it in a limit or else you will exceed your daily calorie requirement which can harm you in many ways. Another most important thing about chicken is that you have to cook it well because it has a good amount of protein content & protein requires a lot of time to get digested. Moreover chicken also has fat in it, the tin chicken we get 80% protein & 20% so it should be cooked well or else it will take a lot of time to get digesting leading to many problems related to your tummy.  Lastly, it will get concluded as eating chicken breast will provide you the necessary amount of protein that is required for a day & if the dosage gets exceeded than it will cause a lot of problems regarding the digestive system, so we should maintain a proper diet & we should eat according to our diet plan.

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