How many calories in vodka

How many calories in vodka


How many calories in vodka

One of the most sizzling & most loving drink or you can say the shot is “Vodka”, so let’s know something more interesting about it.

How it’s made

You might have tasted many alcoholic beverages & you might a have loved the taste & the flavor but when it comes to vodka the case is completely different. Vodka is for the hardcore people because it needs a lot of guts to drink shots of vodka in a breath. Usually, vodka has around 75% of alcohol & rest is water. If you drink other beverages then they have a certain flavor like red wine is made of grape so it has a sweet taste of grape & beer is made of some grains & fruits so it has its own flavor. But vodka doesn’t have any flavor because it is made up of water & alcohol only. So while drinking it you will get only the flavor of ethyl alcohol nothing else. If you are thinking that it will give you a pleasant taste, then you are absolutely wrong because it has 75% alcohol which will give you a burning sensation while drinking & that’s why after having a shot of vodka usually people lick lemon to neutralize the burning sensation. It is a complete distilled drink & completely transparent just like water. But before having it, do you know “how many calories in vodka”?

How many calories does vodka have?

If you are thinking that drinking more alcohol will cut your weight, then let me tell you that it’s completely a myth, because nothing happens like this because drinking alcohol will make you gain more weight. So as vodka does, as it has a lot of alcohol content so it has a lot of calories. If you are very conscious about your weight & figure then you should know about this that 100 gm of vodka (80 proof) have around 231 calories which is pretty much. In a day the maximum calorie intake of a person is about 2000 calories, so you have to be very conscious before having vodka because it has a lot of calories. But the fact is that vodka is so strong that it’s very tough to have any shots of vodka. In a regular shot, there are about 35 ml of vodka which is very less & often people drink about 5 or 6 shot or a maximum of 10 shots because having more than that is quite tough.

Is vodka better than other drinks?

Well, it depends from person to person that what they like, do they like high alcohol containing beverages or low content of alcohol, do they like pure, completely distilled drink or they like a flavourful drink with a good taste. If they like to have strong drinks without any taste or flavor then they should definitely go with vodka. But if you ask an old English guy then he would definitely go with whiskey as it tastes really awesome with a great flavor & it too has a strong taste because whiskey also has a high alcohol content as 47%.

How much vodka is preferable in a day?

When people go high on boos then they don’t realize that how much they are drinking & what they are drinking. So there always should be a limit of drinking, so as vodka does have a limit of drinking. It is not preferable to drink more than 400 ml of vodka in a day which is around 11 shots of vodka. So one person should not exceed the limit of 10 vodka shots in a day or else it can be very harmful to them. As vodka has very high calories so high intake of vodka will lead you to vomit & at last, you will spoil your own health. Also, vodka has high alcohol content so its high intake can spoil your liver, kidney & other vital parts.

Ways of drinking vodka

The best way of drinking vodka is to make a cocktail. As if you are drinking it as a cocktail by mixing some gin, tequila, soda or coke, it will not only give you a good taste but also will help you to consume less alcohol hence you will gain fewer calories. Before drinking vodka you should remember that “how many calories in vodka” so that you can stay in your limit. Another most prominent & used technique to consume less alcohol is to share it with your friends, it might seem quite funny but it really works. As it not only makes your alcohol consumption less but also helps you in making your friends happy & also in making more friends.

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