Gout pain relief in 2 hours

Gout pain relief in 2 hours


Gout pains are the worse. They don’t seem to go away that easily from your joints and seems to get more and worse with time. This sometimes becomes a bad condition in which you might need to go to the emergency room or even call of a doctor who can provide with a good solution to implement, till you can do something permanent to treat it. But if you are attacked with gout, for the time being, these good thoughts won’t come to your mind at first, since you will be occupied with a load of pain. So what to do in order to relieve gout pain in two hours at a minimum?

Lets first analyze why gout actually occurs.

You might be familiar with arthritis, a term mostly used for joint pains which occurs to most of the people out there. One of the common forms of arthritis is gout, which is sometimes caused in joints, knees, places where blood circulation is tangled from one passage to another or in simple terms, places where the blood passage takes a bit of time.

The actual reason for gout formation

Gout occurs due to the accumulation of crystallized uric acid that is formed in our body and the kidneys have to take care of it(which it does to the amounts which come through it). But sometimes, the concentration of uric acid in the bloodstream goes beyond the limit of dissolution, thus the concentration becomes higher. When the blood passes through such places where the circulation becomes a bit slow, the uric acid crystals that are already formed in the blood starts its deposition. When more of the blood passes, the crystals in the blood get accumulated into the same place to form a bigger crystal resulting in gout and a lot of pain.

Where gout occurs mainly?

Gout actually occurs in places like joints, knees, feet too, even in kidneys (which is much hard to eliminate). And experiencing gout is one hell of an experience as you have to go through a lot of pain. The ones that are formed in the kidneys are the most stubborn ones, as mini-sized crystals can cause a lot of pain especially if they are formed in the hair-thin nephrons. The size of the gout crystal gets bigger and bigger if sufficient measures are not taken. If it gets worse, then severe medical attention might be needed to cure it.

How to relieve pain in gout in around two hours.

Relieving gout pain is not that of a simple thing to do. But there are some precautions which you can follow and some measures that you can take to relieve the pain in a small period of time. Although completely eliminating the pain might be not that simple, but you can at least lessen it.

Here are some things which you can do in case you have a gout attack.

  1. The best solution, drink plenty of water.

The main reason why gout occurs in your blood is that there is a high amount of uric acid in it. And the reason for this is there is not a good amount of water in your bloodstream and your body to eliminate most of the acids. This results in the formation of the gout crystal and it goes on. To cure it, start drinking plenty of water, around 1 liter per hour. This might at first sound too much, but it will immediately start acting on your bloodstream, remove most of the uric acid from your blood via urine. Then if your blood has too much of the water, it will also be eliminated and during circulation, it will dissolve most of the gout crystal in a short period of time and this is the best method This is one of the best method to Gout pain relief in around 2 hours.

And do make sure that you eat at least 3 liters of water every day to prevent such an attack.

  1. Try prescribed meds or the Doctor

Gouts can be really irritative and painful. So if you have experienced such an attack before, you might be ready with prescribed medicines, in your home. Immediately take one. Choices include Motrin,Advil(which has ibuprofen) or any Aleva based medicine. These are much helpful in case you want to depend on medicines for the pain cure as they tend to bring down the pain for a bit and work on the root cause. Else if you think, it is not working out, then you should surely call your doctor and see what he recommends.  That will be a far better option to follow.

  1. Never use Alcohol

Ok, alcohol works for relieving stress but not when you are having painful gout. And this is for a variety of reasons. First, alcohol will help you relieve the pain but it will worsen gout which might even throw you in a more worse condition. Secondly, forget alcohol, even alcohol based drinks like wine, beer, are simple poisons for you when you reside with gout. These have high amounts of uric acid forming compounds which can and will immediately fasten the gout crystallization. And there you go with more incoming pain. So drink only fluids which have no alcohol at all.

  1. Prevent any sort of movement on the gout part

This will only worsen your condition as moving your painful part might cause gout to get to another direction. Or the uric acid might find another place for deposition which will only make your worse with your present pain. That’s for sure. So sit relax and try movement with your hands if possible to jump your metabolism to a small bit that will better the circulation and cure gout (if you drank the good amount of water). This might help you to relief your gout pain  in around 2 hours.

So, these are the things which you can try at home to relieve gout pain in around 2 hours of time.

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