egg substitute for cookies

Egg substitutes for cookies


Baking with eggs is a default option for those who love bakery foods a little too much. But that doesn’t mean that you will be kept away from them if you are allergic to eggs (since this is the main reason else everybody loves those protein balls). If you don’t like eggs then you might be completely unreasonable. Using eggs in cookies is a good option for a perfect blend and better taste, but if you are allergic to eggs, then forget eating those. Are there any substitutes for eggs?


There are lots of substitutes for eggs but some only provide the perfect mixture instead of eggs. And these impart a good flavor to your favorite cookies, just like eggs would do.

So, let us have a look what are they actually.

  1. Banana

The best blend is banana if you are making most of the fried bakeries, as it is harmless and if the right breed is used, its damn tasty as hell. Bananas are perfect fruit for those who are diet specific, so you can use these as much as you want. And not just for cookies, it can be used for baking bread, cakes, pancakes and lot of other stuff.

Now, being a substitute, it might not sound and taste like banana. It only gives the original dough the right blend which is much needed. And if a banana is used, it might impart a bit of banana taste also, but it won’t take away your cookie fragrance. You can use a medium sized banana for 2-3 eggs. This is one of the best egg substitute for cookies too.

  1. Flaxseeds

Oil from these seeds are of incredible benefit for pain relief and boosting blood circulation, flax seeds do wonders when used instead of eggs in baking cookies. That’s for sure. You might be thinking that seeds won’t blend well with the dough. Well, then you might have to make it blend. And this is a simple procedure. Take the number of seeds you need to put in the dough (roughly  1 egg is equivalent to using 2-2 and half tablespoons of flaxseeds, or you can use a bit more). Then grind them properly in a good grinder, the output mix should be well blended into a powder. Now put it the equal amount of water (the number of flaxseeds you have taken in tablespoons). And keep it for some time, during which it will become viscous(heavy fluid something like that of the egg white along with the yolk when mixed properly). Now you can use it in place of eggs.

  1. Applesauce

This is the most common ingredient which is used by most of the people who don’t like eggs at all. Applesauce forms a good blend with the final dough in place of eggs, and they do give it a new level of flavor. Mostly, it is used for providing a different grade of flavor which can be adjusted by the amount along with eggs too. But it is completely and perfectly perfect to use it in place of eggs.

The amount of applesauce needed is a full cup if you are making cookies for your family in a good amount else half a cup is enough for a dozen(or medium-sized). This is another great egg substitute for cookies which you can use.

  1. Vegetable Oils

Now let us get to some oil substitutes. Since eggs too impart an oily and bit of sticky blend to the dough, you can actually use good oils for creating the perfect cookies for yourself. The trick is to use actual vegetable oils in the right amount which will make them quite good. These too get quickly mixed with the dough. The flavor of vegetable oils can also provide a good flavor to the cookies if used in the right amount. Or you can use it in different amounts for different kinds of flavors, better than eggs. Or use a mix to create a new flavor. Vegetable oils like peanut oil make the best blend and provide an insanely well-mixed peanut oil flavor without the use of peanuts.  At all. Other oils can be used too. The measure is an amount of half a cup for two eggs, which you can use.

  1. The basic mixture.

The basic mixture is not actually a name, but the ingredients are actually pretty much basic. It contains water, oil and some amount of baking powder which will also make the mixture fluffy. But that’s another choice. For the original mix, you need to add 2 tablespoons of water and baking powder along with a spoon of oil (table of course). A simple trick is individually to mix the ingredients with the dough itself one by one, in order to prevent a bad mixture, since water and oil never get along. Else, you can mix the water first with the dough and after it forms a good mix, then mix the baking powder in the oil and then to the dough. Do note that mixing of the powder directly into the water will eliminate all the carbon dioxide, your cookies will be just plain wheat bread type which you don’t want at all. This is another great egg substitute.

Egg does forms a basic ingredient of most of the bakery stuff, but some don’t prefer using it(mostly vegetarians). That’s a choice but not an option for not eating cookies.  And So, for you these are the best substitutes which you can use if you are not suited well with eggs.

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